Mead Hall

2014, space blankets, double sided tape, washing line, bamboo canes, benches and oil filled radiator, 8 x 4 x 3.5m


As part of my residency at Detroit, Bristol I built an Anglo Saxon Mead Hall for the large and unheated space to act as a warm meeting and working space during the 2 month residency. The material is very light weight, wind proof and reflects 97% of radiated heat (of the human body and the electric heater) as well as light. The room created inflated slightly with the warm air. As in an Anglo Saxon meeting hall, the benches were placed around the periphery and the hearth (here an oil filled radiator) was placed in the middle.

The space hosted a regular reading group and for the event that marked the end of the residency we served Lindesfarne mead in the hall.