Solo exhibition at Happy Birthday Gallery, Milcote House, London

January, 2015


The Velociraptor claw taps loudly on the  booklet that tells you how to fill out your tax credit claim form. The silicone rubber and sheep bone severed hand sits in the ice bucket and you are encouraged to fish it out and hold it while viewing the show. On the walls there is a tax receipt spike (with one spike for every month), a painting and a late-filing penalty bill stabbed to the wall with hand forged spear heads. The sound from the closing credits of Sunday night TV from the 90's comes from the monitor on the floor, from the other end of the room a sound of a recording of a tour of the catacomb of St Sebastian in Rome. The tour guide is ill and barely able to conduct the tour with all her retching.

A hessian sack with a few dried turnips inside lies in the middle of the floor.